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About Dr.Belinda

  • Dr. Belinda is the Founder, Owner, and Managing Principal of BUILDINGLEADERS. She delights in being a “servant trainer” and consultant in the areas of leadership and professional development for diverse profit and non-profit organizations. 

  • Belinda, a leadership and professional development subject matter expert, enjoyed her 28-year academic career at Morehouse College in the Department of Business Administration (retired), serving as a tenured Associate Professor of Leadership and Management Program Director. She is the author of 3 books, including FOCUS in ACTION Is Great Leadership, which documents the BL proprietary leadership development model she uses in her consulting practice. She is also a former University of Wisconsin School of Business CPED (Center for Professional and Executive Development) faculty member. In addition to her academic career, Belinda is a former IBMer, holding systems engineering, marketing education, and management positions in IBM’s large systems divisions.   

  • Dr. White holds degrees from Spelman College (BS), Georgia Institute of Technology (MS), and Georgia State University (Ph.D.), with additional leadership development certifications from the Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government and the University of Georgia Terry College of Business.

Dr. Belinda’s Story
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With over 25+ years of professorial experience at Morehouse College, Dr. White developed the research-based proprietary Johnson-White Leadership Model (JWLM) proven to be "best in class" in addressing the challenges faced by organizations to quickly assimilate emerging diverse talent into the values, perspectives, and competencies of professional culture (including respect for diversity and inclusion; demonstration of character, integrity and ethical behavior; and a "beyond the game" mindset).

Deeply Impacted by the life and legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as a little girl growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, during the 1960s [Civil Rights Movement], Dr. White has committed her life to leadership development.

Dr. White’s vision for 21st-century global leaders is faithful men and women who will embrace and nurture the principles, philosophies, skills, traits, and behaviors that will enable them to improve their lives and their organizations. With passion, compassion, commitment, and dedication, these leaders will ultimately use their gifts and talents to improve society.

Dr. White teaches and consults in the area of leadership and professional development (LPD), with specific expertise and skills in developing young leaders of color.

Her experience comprises numerous publications and extensive international leadership training in over 20 countries, such as South Africa, France, Brazil, India, and China. Dr. White works with diverse profit and non-profit organizations including Baxter Healthcare, Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Institute, and the Atlanta Falcons Football organization.

Dr. White can provide your organization with the tools to prepare and equip your talent to effectively execute a “beyond the game” mindset, allowing your organization to address the ever-changing needs of your clients.

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