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Get Ready because there is No LIMIT!

Target Audience:

College Students, New Hires and Career Switchers/Changers

The BUILDINGLEADERS Emerging Leaders curriculum prepares participants for successful professional careers and personal lives in globally competitive, 21st century multi-cultural societies.



The Emerging Leaders curriculum consists of 2 modules with 5 sessions each.
Session #1 "The Making of a 21st Century Leader is FREE!

Module 1: Begin with FOCUS!

  • The Making of a 21st Century Leader

    • Exploring foundational principles of life success and significance

  • Self-Knowledge

    • Identifying values, principles, beliefs, personality, and the collective impact on emotional intelligence

  • Relationships Matter

    • Creating mutual beneficial connections through mentors and sponsors

  • The “Bigger Picture”

    • Widening one’s worldview based on current events and future trends

  • Excellence is Non-Negotiable

    • Establishing the first-impression brand of excellence

Module 2: Follow through with ACTION!

  • Awesome Professionalism

    • Exploring the what, how, and when of the trajectory to C-Suite positions 

  • Courageous Character

    • Internalizing the role of integrity, trustworthiness, sound judgment, and personal accountability for personal and personal success 

  • Tenacious Inclusion

    • Embracing the reality of effective inclusion to organizational success and society's well-being 

  • Optimal Service

    • Moving from shareholder to stakeholder view of personal and corporate responsibility 

  • Noble Leadership

    • Executing leadership responsibilities based on high moral principles and ideals in service to generational humanity

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