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Collaborative Engagements

Leadership Development Seminars

  • Authentic Leadership
  • Whole-Brain Leadership
  • Cross-Generational Appreciation
  • Communicating with Excellence

Professional Development Workshops

  • Career Readiness
  • Career Advancement
  • Professional Deportment & Decorum
  • Strategic Prioritization

Consulting Enrichment

Action-Inspired Workshops & Retreats

  • Corporate Culture: Navigating & Connecting
  • Why Are We Here: Mission & Vision Articulation
  • Team Brilliance: Building & Bonding
Dear Dr. Belinda, I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the W.E.L., especially since I was able to gain knowledge from you through your presentation and words, I now have a better understanding of my authentic self. I look forward to reading your book and further developing myself.
Sincerely, Halima Monds
Spelman College, Class 2021

Coaching Experiences

Personalized for Middle and Upper Level Professionals: ABCs of Strategic Presence

  • Adaptive Authenticity
  • Bodacious Brand
  • Courageous Confidence

Group Programs for Entry-Level Micro-Teams (3-5 individuals): ABCs of Professional Presence

  • Appropriate Appearance
  • Believable Brand
  • Credible Communication

Curriculum Empowerment

Based on Dr. White’s 10 Tenets of Leadership and Professional Excellence (LPE), documented in her book, FOCUS in ACTION Is Great Leadership.

Age-Appropriate Life Skills
Personal Accountability Personal Branding
Personal Boundaries Personal Growth
Personal Finances
Target Audiences
  • LPE 101 Young Learners: Middle to High School Students
  • LPE 201 Emerging Leaders: College Students to Early Career Professionals
The Johnson White Leadership Model (JWLM) not only provides aspiring leaders a roadmap into what leadership means, but also a rubric by which they can grade themselves on this quality, adjective, and noun. The JWLM not only teaches the reader how to dress: Dark suit, power tie, crisp white shirt, and shined shoes, but also how to maintain in times of conflict, time management, and relationship building. In addition to the aforementioned things, social justice and advocacy are nuanced excellently through this work.
Gabriel Cloud
Morehouse College, Class 2021

Project Inquiry