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“Where the science of leadership meets the heart of humanity.”

-Dr. Belinda Johnson White

Join Dr. Belinda for a HIGH-ENERGY 30-minute conversation

on the latest topics and trends in workplace excellence.

Stay Relevant with Dr. Belinda!


“Human beings, being human, through humanity”


To provide relevant professional development services for a 21st century global workforce.


Leadership is a choice.

Choose wisely.

Act courageously.

“A skilled workforce improves a company’s performance, contributes to employee satisfaction and enhances human capital. … The quantum of training needs to be a healthy mix that helps employees to upskill, learn and review issues that are industry-relevant.”


                                    World Economic Forum White Paper

September 2020


Dr. Belinda's

“Building a stronger workplace for the benefit of all stakeholders.”

BUILDINGLEADERS Leadership and Professional Development (LPD) training sessions focus on the practical knowledge and proficiency needed to strengthen individuals and organizations in two (2) key “people” core metrics of the World Economic Forum:


  • Dignity and equality


  • Skills for the future


BUILDINGLEADERS offers solutions that address both metrics over three (3) target audiences.  

Young Learners Curriculum

Target Audience: 

Middle and High School Students

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Emerging Leaders Curriculum

Target Audience:

College Students, New Hires and Career Switchers/Changers 


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BUILDINGLEADERS Managerial Leadership Development Program

Target Audience:

Managers and Leaders


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Satisfied Clients

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